Learning Strategy / Appreciative Inquiry / Culture  Change

Align Strategic Business Goals to Learning Solutions

Communicate strategic business goals to all levels of your organization. We design learning strategy and content to engage and inform.

Individuals and teams have to keep pace with many types of change. Effective learning solutions align organizations and teams with corporate values and  mission.

Create a Vision and a Plan

What is possible?

Virtual classrooms, social learning, mobile, online courses, experience API, flipped classrooms and micro-learning...

When are you at your best?

Positive organizational development principles and Appreciative Inquiry coaching lead to the right questions to optimize the performance of individuals and teams

Design strategically

Just because you can use a specific learning technology doesn't mean you should

We work with you to evaluate options and determine which technologies are best suited to most effectively deliver your learning agenda to your target audience

Strengths based on Experience

Learning Strategy and Implementation

Strategy is about aligning the best learning solution to the business objective through to the learning audience 

Implementation and Program Management services are also available

Align. Design. Engage.

Leadership and Talent Development

Strengths Based Coaching for Teams and Individuals through Positive Organizational Development, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation and Coaching takes individual and team performance to the next level

Innovation and New Learning Platforms

Consultant services support clients to leverage new learning technology platforms including mobile and aggregators, work with learning and IT professionals to evaluate and implement learning management systems, evaluate vendors, design and develop content for mobile and e-learning courses, and produce and distribute digital publications